Solexx Greenhouse Covering

Solexx Greenhouse Covering Flyer (printable flyer)

Profile view of Solexx Greenhouse CoveringTwin-wall Solexx™ greenhouse covering is a high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) that reduces your heating costs while providing 98-100% diffuse light to your plants. The strong shatter-proof glazing protects your plants from harsh weather conditions without cracking or discoloration.

The flexible Solexx™ glazing ships in rolls to save money on freight and the material can be bent around corners (up to 90 degrees) and over roof peaks for a perfect seal. Solexx™  is easily cut to size with a straight edge and a sharp utility knife.

Solexx™ tops the charts for greenhouse covering options due to its superior performance which means high heat retention and less temperature fluctuation for your plants and lower heating bills for you!

Features of Solexx Greenhouse Covering:
  • Better insulation than any other greenhouse covering, 2.1 to 2.3R – save on heating and cooling
  • Easily flexes around corners and over peaks to create a watertight seal
  • Weathers wind, hail, snow and ice storms without tearing
  • Diffuses the light; no shadows or burned plants – an ideal growing environment
  • Easy installation on your greenhouse frame, simply overlap the panels and screw in place
  • Proprietary UV agent throughout Solexx – superior UV protection that won’t scratch off
  • Solexx in inert, BPA free
  • Does not yellow or lose light transmission with age
  • Installs horizontally or vertically for less waste (unlike polycarbonate)Solexx Greenhouse Covering is easy to apply to a hoop house.
  • Fits all types of greenhouses – 4′ and 6′ on center
  • Available in continuous rolls up to 900’ long – fewer seams
  • Easily cleaned
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 year limited UV warranty
Solexx Greenhouse Covering Installation Tips:
  • Solexx™ scores and cut easily – no power saw required
  • Available in pre-cut panels or custom length rolls up to 900′ long (fewer seams means better insulation and less work)
  • 5mm Solexx Pro is suitable for all application. 3.5mm Solexx XP is best for endwalls and structures 2′ on center or 4′ on center with bracing.
  • Simply overlap the panels (panels are an extra 1″ for overlapping)
  • Solexx™ greenhouse rolls can be installed the full length of the greenhouse in one continuous piece.

For additional information, see our
Installation Guide
Solexx MSDS Sheet
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Solexx Greenhouse Covering Available SizesGSR-160-43.5mm Solexx XP – ship up to 150′ UPS

Custom Cut
Less than full roll (49.5″ wide only)
GSR-240-CUT 5mm Solexx Pro – ship up to 100′ UPS
4′ Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-160-400 49.5″ x 400 ft roll – 3.5mm Solexx XP – 1650s sq ft/pallet (32″x32″x55″)
GSR-160-900 49.5″ x 900 ft roll – 3.5mm Solexx XP – 3713 sq ft/pallet (48″x48″x55″)
GSR-240-300 49.5″ x 300 ft roll – 5mm Solexx PRO – 1238 sq ft/pallet (32″x32″x55″)
GSR-240-600 49.5″ x 600 ft roll – 5mm Solexx PRO – 2475 sq ft/pallet (48″x48″x55″)
52″ Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-240-52-300 52″ x 300 ft roll – 5mm Solexx PRO  – 1306 sq ft/pallet (32″x32″x60″)
5′ Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-240-65-300 65″ x 300 ft roll – 5mm Solexx PRO – 1625 sq ft/pallet (32″x32″x70″)
6′ Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-240-6 77″ x 300 ft roll – 5mm Solexx PRO – 1937.49 sq ft/pallet (32″x32″x82″)
4′ Wide Panels
Shipped flat or in rolls depending on quantity
GSP-160-8 49.5″ x 99″ – 3.5mm Solexx XP Panels
GSP-160-12 49.5″ x 146″ – 3.5mm Solexx XP Panels
GSR-240-8 49.5″ x 99″ – 5mm Solexx PRO Panels
GSR-240-12 49.5″ x 146 ” – 5mm Solexx PRO Panels